Software Services Contract Template

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What is this?

This is a tried and tested bespoke software services contract. This contract contains the following list of key clauses:-

1. Conditions Precedent/Term and Services
3. Specification of Requirements
4. Obligations of Software Vendor
5. Acceptance Testing
6. Obligations of Client
7. Price and Payment
8. Software Warrenty
9. Data Protection and Content
10. General Intellectual Property Rights and Licence
11. Background Intellectual Property and Licence
12. Foreground Intellectual Property and Licence
13. Residuals Clause
14. Intellectual Property Indemnity
15. Client Warranties
16. Software Vendor Warranties
17. Indemnity
18. Liability
19. Insurance
20. Project Management
21. Sub-Contractors
22. Termination
23. Change Control
24. Force Majeure
25. Confidentiality
26. Dispute Resolution
27. Survival
28. Assignment and Third Parties
29. Entire Agreement
30. Waiver
31. Severability
32. Variation
33. Successors
34. Relationship
35. Governing Law

Schedule 1 Statement of Work
Schedule 2 Change Control Procedure

Why it’s useful?

If you are in the process of setting up your own software development business you will definitely need a contract like this in order to avoid arguments and conflicts with clients and to minimise potential client litigation. The contract cost over £1000 to design and build and has been tried and tested over many years. This will become premium content in the new year and as such a chargeable item so get this while you can.

How to use it?

All the parts of the contract must be changed in order to use it are highlighted in RED. Many of the word highlighted can be replaced using Words find and replace function saving lots of time.


Clarety Project Templates have been developed and published by a group of dedicated and passionate Project Manager Professionals.  Queries on the application of the template, comments in usage and any remarks are welcomed, please email them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or post a comment. Good luck and thank you for choosing to use this Software Services Contract Temaplte Template.

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