Programme Issue Log

Posted by Kevin Brady on Thu 14th May 2009 at 11:18 AM, Filed in Document Templates & Tools

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What is it?
A Programme Issue Log is a vital tool which makes issue management possible. It the central place where all project or programme issues are listed, and it is key means of tracking their aggregate impact on your programme’s ability to achieve its objectives and track progress on how well they are being resolved in order to prevent programme derailment.

The difference between this log and a Project Issue logs is that this log is designed specifically to view issues in the aggregate and to provide features which enable the log to be used to handle change requests in accordance with the best practice guidelines of MSP/P3O.

Why should I use it?
If you do not have an issue log with the capability of categorising and tracking issues and changes then your programme will be handicapped. Poor issue management and a lack of effective change control are some of the top reasons for programme failure as pointed out in many project /programme failure surveys. Issue management is such a key component of what makes a programme successful that it is a key area of inquiry at Project & Programme Management Interviews. If your preparing for a intereview with one of the big 5 please make sure that you have a solid understanding of how to implement effective Risk & Issue Management. It could make the difference smile

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