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Posted by Kevin Brady on Mon 12th January 2009 at 11:05 PM, Filed in Document Templates & Tools

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Once you start implementing risk and issue management for yourself you soon realise that week by week snap shots of your project /programmes risk and issue logs have their limitations. At some point you will want to identify and report on long term risk and issue management trends which are proven early warning indicators of future project /programme success or failure.

Devising something which shows these overall trends is key to understanding whether your project / programme is winning the battle against the constant flow of new and unresolved risks and issues which build up during the project /programme’s life cycle. For example a rising total of unresolved risks and issues with growing overdue dates for resolution /mitigation means your project /programme is slowly being strangled.  It’s the equivalent of pouring sand in the sump of an engine and hoping that your engine won’t seize up confused

It is vital to catalog these trends and show them in a simple way using graphs that can be cut and pasted into a Project Status Report (Click for Template URL) or Programme Dashboard (Click for Template URL) for the following key reasons :-
(1) So that your stakeholders can be motivated to participate and engage in the difficult business of risk and issue management through the constant reminding them of their lack of commitment to resolving /mitigating and identifying risks and issues.
(2)If this fails and you are a member of the “self preservation society” it can be useful in helping to defend you against “the big finger from the sky” or put more simply the blame for your project /programmes failure.

Its You  ohh
The key to achieving the above objectives is to incorporate in your Project Status Report /Programme Dashboard a simple and persuasive set of risk and issue performance metrics in numeric and graphical form. The attached excel download is just the freebie tool to make all this possible.
If you think this template is great and it has helped you or alternatively you have ideas on how to improve it then please comment.

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