P3O Not the Best Name

Posted by Kevin Brady on Fri 8th August 2008 at 08:32 PM, Filed in PMOProfessional Qualifications

Of all the acronyms that the APMG and OGC could have used it fails me as to how they picked out P30. Why on earth did they not call it MS-PMO (Managing Successful Portfolio, Project or Programme Management Offices) so the name links to MSP and the more commonly used term PMO for want of something better ?

This soon to be published book is supposed to be all about what is more commonly called a portfolio, programme or portfolio management office (PMO). Why on earth are they trying to introduce a new acronym into the world of industry best practice when there are possible many others which are more universally understood such as PMO ?
If you’re a newbie to the subject of P3O, PMO or PO (MSP term) then go to Amazon and type in each of these acronyms and see what comes up in terms of book titles. In this battle of acronyms, PMO is the clear winner because as I said it’s an common industry excepted term. All I hope is that people stop picking each other up these days for using the wrong acrontm when you have a one in three chance of getting it right smile.
Lets hope the book due to be published this Autumn is not as confusing as the name and is a real attempt to define PMO best practices which is so desperately needed at this present time.

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