Management Attributes of a Good Project Manager?

Posted by Kevin Brady on Tue 6th October 2009 at 07:52 PM, Filed in Project Management

It is important to note that in answering this question I am not investigating the leadership attributes of a good Project Manager. Good leadership qualities will be covered in a separate series of articles.
The desired management attributes of a good Project Manager are derived from the four key groups of tasks that a project manager must be able to carry out in order to deliver a project successful.

These are:-

• Planning
• Organisation
• Directing
• Monitoring

If you can’t do one or all of these activities your project is failing and more important so are you.
In our view the 20 attributes you need as a Project Manager in order to be successful at the above are:-

(1) Communicates well and shares information.
(2) Delegates appropriately
(3) Well-organised
(4) Supports and motivates people
(5) A good listener
(6) Open-minded and flexible
(7) Give constructive criticism
(8) Has a positive attitude
(9) Technically competent
(10) Disciplined
(11) A team builder and player
(12) Able to evaluate and select people
(13) Dedicated to accomplishing goals
(14) Has the courage and skill to resolve conflicts
(15) Balanced with strong sense of Integrity
(16) A Problem solver
(17) Takes Initiative
(18) Strong Commitment to Management Trough Transparency
(19) An integrator
(20) Makes Decisions

In Parts 2 & 3 of this article I will explain in detail what each of the above really means followed in part 3 with a self assessment scorecard so you can discover how you rate against this baseline set of attributes. Can you be the best of the best.

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