Limited Warranty Template

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What is this?

In commercial transactions, a warranty is an obligation or guarantee that an article or service sold is as factually stated or legally implied by the vendor, and that often provides for a specific remedy such as repair / replacement or cost refund in the event the article or service fails to meet the warranty. A breach of warranty occurs when the promise is broken, i.e., a product is defective or not as should be expected by a reasonable buyer.

Why it’s useful?

Clients want guarantees from vendors that the service /articles they are selling are “fit for purpose” and if this proves not to be the case they will have a right of recourse. In the case of the attached Warranty Template this means a right to rectification (repair) or financial compensation. In the case of software sales the attached warranty should be a key part of any contract of sale.

How to use it?

Use this document on its own or as part of a more general Software Services Contract. Many parts of this contract must be changed in order to adapt for your own use. These are highlighted in RED. Many of the words highlighted can be replaced using Words find and replace function saving lots of editing time and effort.

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