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Please click “Knowledge Transfer Plan Template” to get your free excel download.

About a year ago I was assigned to work on a large programme of work with a staff count of some 350 people. I was told that the resource management on the programme was exceptional so I went to find out why.

One of the things I discovered, which was something I had not come across previously, was the practice of making everyone working on the programme complete knowledge transfer plans. I discovered what this meant when I was asked to complete one myself. I had to detail all the knowledge I had concerning my role and its responsibilities which would be essential to pass onto someone else intending to takeover my role /position. The template was styled in the form of an Excel generated work breakdown structure, so that at anytime before /during a KT event, effort and transition durations could be calculated.

The attached (re-designed) template with contextual content (describing a senior management role) in order to give guidance on its use /completion is divided into the following knowledge transfer categories:-

  • Transition schedule – Transition project plan with start /finish dates for the completion of the following knowledge transfer categories
  • Role Objectives – Targets
  • Role Responsibilities
  • Communication Activities – Reports etc
  • Deliverables – List of work in progress or deliverables not yet started.
  • Meetings – Schedule dates & times of regular meetings
  • Relationships & Contacts – Full contacts list and details of the relationship
  • SME Areas Docs & Admin – Very important list of where documentation /email etc is stored.
  • Activities – Things you do which are not planned.
  • Actions – Meeting actions assigned to you
  • Issues – Issues you are currently assigned to as owner. Details progress and next steps to resolution /mitigation
  • Risks – Risks you are currently assigned to as owner. Details progress and next steps to resolution /mitigation
  • Lessons Learned – Meeting Actions assigned to you

Once completed and maintained by each member of staff such KT plans provide the following benefits to the programme I was responsible for:-

  • If someone left the programme due to sudden ill health preventing the transitioning in of a temporary replacement, this document could be used by a colleague (similar role /grade) to transition the replacement resource into the role with the minimum of impact to programme /project deliverables.
  • Knowledge transitions were completed more quickly.
  • This template helped make sure that all knowledge transitions were complete / comprehensive leading to minimum impact on the programme and its end clients.
  • Helped to prevent knowledge monopolies by individual employees trying to gain leverage in terms of improving their terms and conditions of employment (pay rises etc).
  • The programmes management were able to make better informed judgements on resource changes and the implications of a redundancy /change round or someone resigning etc thus providing better quality data on the risks /issues associated with resource changes /movements.

If you are running a programme of work with active resource management then make sure the use of KT planning is adopted. The benefits of such a move are just too good to miss smile

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Is it allowed to customize “FREE Knowledge Transfer Plan Template” according to our own need. I mean can we add and remove information? Is there any licensing concerns etc?

Posted by Jibran  on Wed 18th March 2009 at 03:36 PM | #

Really an excellent template which is useful for all transition phases… Hats off…..

Posted by Ramji  on Wed 1st April 2009 at 01:37 PM | #

Yeap Customize but please do not offer for sale or republish on the internet.

Posted by Kevin Brady  on Wed 24th June 2009 at 10:04 AM | #

Need KT plan

Posted by Sriram  on Mon 19th October 2009 at 10:55 AM | #

This is exactly what I was googling.

Posted by Arshdeep Singh  on Tue 9th March 2010 at 06:51 PM | #


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