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Click Clarety Benefits Map Template to get your Visio download.

The completion of the attached template is an essential aspect of the Benefits Realisation Process for a project or programme of work. The completion of this document is all about defining WHAT (The Benefits Required) and the HOW (the Benefits Dependency Map) they are to be delivered through change. The map components requiring completion run as follows:-

- IS /IT enablers – Information systems and technology required to support the realisation of identified benefits and to allow the necessary changes to be undertaken.

- Enabling change – The organisational changes necessary to ready the IS /IT capability to be put into operational service and start the process of delivering embedded business change.

Common examples of IS /IT readying organisational change are :-

  • Training to use the new technology
  • Collection of current business performance data to provide a baseline for future comparison so that the benefits can be measured against a baseline business performance.
  • Definitions of new roles, job descriptions, responsibilities and organisational structures
  • Decommissioning of legacy systems.

- Business Change – These are the new business processes that are required by the organisation in the future to support the IS/IT capability which in combination is supposed to allow the realisation of expected benefits.

- Business Benefits – These are an advantage or disadvantage of a given business change on behalf of a particular stakeholder or group of stakeholders.

So why is the completion of a Benefit Dependency Map a key aspect of any Benefits Realisation Management approach:-

1. It enables the dependencies between target business objectives and the benefits needing to satisfy them to be defined. This helps to make sure the benefits required to be delivered by a project /programme of work are in line with the organisations business objectives.

2. It defines the dependencies between identified benefits (detailed in (1)) and the necessary business changes required to achieve them.

3. Finally, a complete benefits map will allow you to identify the dependencies between identified business changes (detailed in (2)) and the necessary enabling IS /IT projects /deliverables which are necessary to make the business changes possible.

4. A complete benefits map allows the development of the Project /Programme Benefits Realisation plan which will identify WHAT benefits are to be delivered and WHEN.

5. This Benefits map is a key document which makes the development of the programme dossier possible. Without this document the process of identifying the contents of project dossier (list of required IS /IT projects) would be difficult to achieve with certainty.

6. This document is an important source document for the development of the Benefits Catalogue for inclusion in the project /programmes business case. Without this the business case could be incomplete and give an incorrect view of the project /programmes value to the organisation.

7. This document is key aspect of identifying your project /programmes stakeholders. Once you have the areas of change impacting the organisation you can pull out of the organisational hierarchy the management who accountable /responsible for the realisation of these benefits /dis-benefits and the maintaining of business continuity during this transformation process.

If you download this document and thought it was great then please comment. Alternatively if you feel it could be improved then once again please comment so I can make sure our readers always get the best templates possible.

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