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Posted by Kevin Brady on Mon 27th October 2008 at 06:09 PM, Filed in Document Templates & ToolsProject ManagementEarned Value

More and more these days organisations are using Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to monitor the performance of their projects and programmes of work for the reasons I detailed in my post “Why Should I Use Earned Value Analysis”.

The problem is, when faced with the vast range of possible EVA indicators one might use to profile the performance of a project which ones should you use in an EVA based status report? Well look no further!  This template details the key indicators and puts them in a format where they can be easily inserted directly into a Business Case or a Project Status Report (already includes this)

Sometime back I was doing some work for Avanade and the delivery director of Avanade I was working for at the time only wanted to see the attached profile completed for status reporting on each project /programme, and nothing else. Earned Value is that powerful a tool for predicting the future.

If you download this document and thought it was great then please comment. Alternatively, if you feel it could be improved then once again please comment so I can make sure that my readers always provided with the best templates possible.

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