FREE Benefit Profile Template

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FREE Benefit Profile Template

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is really gaining traction these days as a Professional Programme Management Framework, even if its focus is on change management. The fact is that there is currently little else being offered by the management institutes which better explains the inner workings of “best practice” programmes of work. Sad but true :(

One of the key themes under-pinning the MSP frame work is the concept of Benefit Identification, and how this is achieved in a programme through Benefits Realisation Management. The identification of benefits is vital component to the process of developing a programme outline and full business case which allows a programme to be born.

In order to identify and catalogue a programme’s benefits, MSP requires the compiling of a Benefits Profile for each identified benefit. The attached Benefits Profile Template is an enhanced version of the Document Envisaged in the MSP manual (appendix A). This document has been enhanced through practical use on a real programme of work.

The attached template is able to record what measure will be used to check whether a benefit has been realised, and the target value expected. It also includes important fields detailing who is accountable for the delivery of the benefit and what are the risks and issues associated with this Benefits realisation.
Personally, I think if you choose to run your programme along the benefits realisation route, it is vital to record and catalogue every benefit and use these records as a baseline for assessing if a Benefit has been truly realised by your programme.

Whilst this template has been successfully used in real life, I request that anyone who downloads it takes the time to comment on this blog if they think it is great, or feel it could be improved. If you think this template is great and it has helped you or alternatively you have ideas on how to improve it then please comment. In addition please note that Clarety has now been running for some 2 + years and has become increasingly popular receiving 4000+ hits a day. The workload and cost of running this site is increasing. In order to maintain it going forward we increasingly need the help of others to create templates and cutting edge content. If you would like to help support us in our continued efforts to make this the best FREE Project /Programme Management Resource centre on the Internet then please click on the Tip Icon Below.

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I would like to appreciate the effort and to thank you, this would definately help reduce some stress points. Thanks

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