Agile Onshore-Offshore Delivery Methodology

Posted by Kevin Brady on Wed 9th April 2008 at 02:40 PM, Filed in Programme ManagementProject ManagementSoftware Dev Methodologies

Click – Onshore /Offshore Process Map – to download Zipped PowerPoint File.

Looking at some of the rankings on Google of some of my old posts it would appear over the last year that I have become one of the main critics of Scrum /Agile:-

As I have said many many times before on this blog, I am not anti Agile /SCRUM. I just believe it has limited scaleability compared to other methodologies in terms of handling budget /quality /scope and time. I also believe that much of Agile and Scrum is nothing new, and is embedded in many of the traditional methodologies and practices where some of the messages have been lost through inappropriate application. For example, PRINCE 2 promotes and advocates bottom-up planning, task ownership and stage management (just large-scale Sprints) which is no different to many of Agile /SCRUM’s key features. However, how many projects these days follow these most excellent best practices? Not many I fear! 
I have seen Agile and SCRUM work very well in the new media industry, where projects are often small and the technology used is mature and component based. The thing I have observed, like Google, if you employee the best people and set them to work on a problem /project and it is small enough so that one person is able to retain in his /her head all the risks /issues, dependencies and communications necessary to make a project run, then the chances of success are high, whether you use Agile /SCRUM or just old fashioned “team work”.

However, the pressure is on these days to deliver scaled Agile /SCRUM process maps, describing how to deliver large scale programmes of work dispersed across geographic boundaries, even if you are sceptical of it large scale delivery capabilities. Clients make these demands and consultants always respond to the call 

Therefore, some of the Agile evangelists who frequently check my Blogg might be surprised to discover that I have just put together a Agile /SCRUM process map describing how Agile /SCRUM might be adapted to work in an onshore /offshore environment.
I would like to have put the map directly on this webpage, but I have been told by Orbital Media my most excellent Blogg hosting company that such large-scale and detailed images don’t work well when many of my readers use small PC screens and Safari web browsers. I therefore saved the map on the attached PowerPoint slideshow together with a description of how it works.
If anyone has an improvement on this map please let me know so we can all learn how to make Agile and SCRUM a more convincing option for large scale programmes of work.

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