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One of the key selling points behind the adoption of Agile is that unlike other methods it releases creativity, innovation and productivity through the removal of structure, rules and consistency. I have always considered this to be a myth unless applied to the world of line management. I argue this view more cogently in my post Taylor Vs Deming & Software Development


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I have recently been getting a growing amount of traffic to my site from an excellent blog entitled “Stevey’s Blog Rants”.

I have also received mail from my readers recommending that I mention a particular post of Steve’s entitled “Good Agile Bad Agile”.

Despite the fact that this post is a little dated it is one of the most commented Agile posts on the net because of its open an frank discussion about the potential deficiencies of Agile. If anyone who interested in reading this warts and all discussion about the new Agile religion, then look no further. Its a very well written post casting doubt on Agile as a silver bullet development methodology /framework.


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Click – Onshore /Offshore Process Map – to download Zipped PowerPoint File.

Looking at some of the rankings on Google of some of my old posts it would appear over the last year that I have become one of the main critics of Scrum /Agile:-


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I mentioned in my last Agile related post - Agile Scrum Fails to Get to Grips with Human Psychology that I now want to move away from Agile focused posts for a while to give a little more balance to my blog content. However, as Al Pacino said in the God Father episode III “As soon as I am out, I find myself being pulled back in”. The “pulling back in” in this case took the form of an email from a friend.


The email stated that they had been keeping a close eye on my blog and its Agile related content, and informed me that they had never come across such seemingly organised /persistent/ aggressive and vitriolic commenting concerning what is essentially a set of commercially inspired ideas and concepts. The email continued stating that as serious blog reader he had done some investigation work and discovered that many of the blog commenters appearing on many of my Agile posts seemed to be commenting on Agile posts all over the net. When the dates and times of their comments are closely analysed it would appear that these defenders /promoters of the Agile faith are doing so possibly as a full time occupation which got me thinking!


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It is clear that over the past 50 years Deming’s ideas have become the dominant management doctrine among the western industrialised nations and have often been lauded for the transformation of Japanese car manufacturing in the 1970’s. Adoption of these ideas by Toyota and other Japanese car manufacturers generated such stunning productivity that it firmly entrenched these companies as the dominant players in the modern, global car manufacturing market.


Heart land of Deming & Taylor – The production line.

Despite this transformation in manufacturing, Deming’s doctrines have not had the same impact on the civil engineering, construction and to some extent the IT industries. The reason for this can be traced back to Deming & Taylor’s focus on improving production line efficiency. In contrast civil engineering and construction derive their revenue almost exclusively from the sale of unique project ventures which are rarely repeated. A key difference.


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