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Of all the acronyms that the APMG and OGC could have used it fails me as to how they picked out P30. Why on earth did they not call it MS-PMO (Managing Successful Portfolio, Project or Programme Management Offices) so the name links to MSP and the more commonly used term PMO for want of something better ?


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P3O stands for Portfolio, Programme and /or Project Office. It is a framework put together by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) the Association of Project Management Group (APMG) and their publisher the TSO. It is supposed to resolve the problem of a total lack of industry best practice benchmarks for the promotion, set-up and execution of Project /Portfolio Management Offices (PMO)


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With annual IT Project Failure Rates running at 70% + it is clear that improvements in the professionalism of IT project staff and management should be a part of the solution.


In my post Can Government Policy Reduce IT Project Failure Rates Part 2, I described how the government could assist in making this disgraceful state of affairs a thing of the past. One of these was to make it a legal requirement for certain key IT Professionals to have Chartered Qualifications before being allowed to work on IT Projects /Programmes of work above a certain budgetary value.


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