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Last week I had a coffee with an old friend and we got onto the subject of P3O and how important this APMG qualification is currently and how overtime it is only going to become more important as the numbers of organisations setting-up or considering the set-up of Project Office’s, Programme Office’s or Portfolio Office’s (P3O) increases.

The growing problem at the moment is a shortage of experienced PO professionals available for recruitment combined with the lack of a comprehensive best practice book / methodology to make these ambitions a reality. In my view such a book should try to answer the following questions:-

  • How to write a PO business case?
  • How to sell a PO business case?
  • How to design a PO?
  • What are the different PO models together with their Pros and Cons?
  • Are there any PO methodologies.?
  • What are the different PO processes and sub processes?
  • How do you embed PO processes?
  • Strategic issues surrounding PO success and failure?
  • What really world PO cases studies are around to support answers to the above?


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I have been fortunate to be one of the P3O reviewers supporting the publication of this book of PMO best practices. Whilst I can’t disclose the contents of this first draft or whether I think it is going to be a success or failure I can talk about P3O press releases.


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Of all the acronyms that the APMG and OGC could have used it fails me as to how they picked out P30. Why on earth did they not call it MS-PMO (Managing Successful Portfolio, Project or Programme Management Offices) so the name links to MSP and the more commonly used term PMO for want of something better ?


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P3O stands for Portfolio, Programme and /or Project Office. It is a framework put together by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) the Association of Project Management Group (APMG) and their publisher the TSO. It is supposed to resolve the problem of a total lack of industry best practice benchmarks for the promotion, set-up and execution of Project /Portfolio Management Offices (PMO)


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The Final Verdict smile

A well known management consultancy house recently asked me review of their existing portfolio of PMO executed programmes of work with the objective of developing the following artefacts :-

  • A PMO vision statement
  • Development of a standardised out-of-the-box PMO execution blueprint (covering set-up /operational roadmap) capable of being reused and executed on all future large scale programmes of work.
  • Revise, and update where necessary, all process definitions /procedures which would be used to execute a standardised PMO Blueprint.

This consultancy really seemed to have connected with the whole concept of how PMO’s could be used as a powerhouse of efficiency and profitability on large scale programmes of work.


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