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Please click on this link to download FREE Domain Screening Questionaire

Some months ago I was involved in a massive recruitment campaign for project /programme management and was asked to conduct telephone based domain interviews in order to sort out the “wanna bes” from the real “have done its”. I devised a really useful domain screening questionaire consisting of a number of key domain level questions and a few short case study explorations. This attached screening document was really useful and helped strip out 70% of the potentials time wasters in one phone call.


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Click to download your FREE Programme Management Handover Checklist

Quick & efficient handover is the name of the game!

Have you ever been asked to takeover a programme of work from another manager and wanted to get up to speed on its likely probability of success and identify the key area which are threatening the success /survival of your programme - Then look no further!

The attached check list is a comprehensive programme handover checklist which details for programmes with budgets above £10 million all the key areas which you need to understand before taking over the delivery of a programme of work.

This check list is specifically aimed at programmes managed by software houses and consultancies.

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FREE IT Project Health Check – Click here to download Zipped File

On a recent trip to see a client, I was browsing through my laptop hard drive when I cam across one of the more reliable project failure surveys, published by the Standish Group and entitled CHAOS.

Health Checks can sometimes be a real eye opener!

The key issue I noticed with this survey and others of the same ilk is the fact that the survey is only as good as the survey team responsilbe for its design. The survey designers “have to know what they don’t know to ask the right questions”. This means, to get the most out of such a survey, you really need experienced project managers on the team, responsible for compiling and designing the survey questions.


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Click to download free Due Diligence Checklist

Computer Weekly recently published a CIO survey and one of the questions was “are you happy with the performance of your software suppliers?”


Angry and frustrated?

Apparently, 90% agreed with this statement with only 10% disagreeing. I have to say this is not a response I would have expected when you take into account the currently stratospheric IT project failure rates (70% to 92% per annum). First hand experience has always shown (after auditing 50 + projects & programmes of work during my career) that the inappropriate selection and engagement of third party suppliers is one of the key aggravating factors behind many IT project /programme failures. For example, Computerweekly has been running a big campaign to try and stamp out the well-known and growing practice of “stiffing”.


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Click Here For Free Download Hobbling Prevention Checklist


Once “Money Machine” Management Consultants /Software Houses get their foot in the door, they don’t just get busy helping you, they also get busy helping themselves. Finding new ways of emptying your bank account in the way that a spider eats it’s pray from the inside out is their game.

One of the well-trodden techniques they use I often refer to as “Hobbling”


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