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Last week I had a coffee with an old friend and we got onto the subject of P3O and how important this APMG qualification is currently and how overtime it is only going to become more important as the numbers of organisations setting-up or considering the set-up of Project Office’s, Programme Office’s or Portfolio Office’s (P3O) increases.

The growing problem at the moment is a shortage of experienced PO professionals available for recruitment combined with the lack of a comprehensive best practice book / methodology to make these ambitions a reality. In my view such a book should try to answer the following questions:-

  • How to write a PO business case?
  • How to sell a PO business case?
  • How to design a PO?
  • What are the different PO models together with their Pros and Cons?
  • Are there any PO methodologies.?
  • What are the different PO processes and sub processes?
  • How do you embed PO processes?
  • Strategic issues surrounding PO success and failure?
  • What really world PO cases studies are around to support answers to the above?


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Author - Melanie Franklin –The author’s name is buried on page 6 of the book, where she gets a mention in the acknowledgments. All a little strange perhaps until you read the acknowledgment a little further, where it is revealed that the Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) commissioned her to design and develop the book under contract. Melanie is well known in the training industry as a management trainer in her own right and the owner of Maven Training Ltd. She is also the author /co-author on a number of MSP and PRINCE 2 related publications many of which have been recently published and will be reviewed in later posts.


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Five Stars
If you see a book with this rating, go out and buy it now, if you have the money! If you don’t (have the money), go and ‘steal’ or borrow a copy. It really is a ‘classic’, and you should have it in your library. Five star books should be regarded as an essential read for anyone wanting to develop their career as a Project /Programme Management Professional. You will not regret it.



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One of my favourite Project Management Blogs is Carpe Factum run by Timothy Johnson. Carpe Factum. Timothy’s blog discuss’s all kinds of topics but essentially he focuses on the dry subject of Project Management (my passion). Timothy has a good blog writing style and manages to make often quite serious points in an interesting and humorous way. Bearing in mind the subject of his Blog this is a real challenge!

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Available on Amazon - Race Through the Forest A Project Management Fable - By Timothy Johnson


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